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I want a publication for my website

CreateMagazines, the digital publishing platform that takes any document and converts it into an electronic ‘chapter book’. Your reader sees a familiar page layout that they already understand. They can electronically flip through each page, back and forth, just as if they were reading a printed book or magazine. You get ALL of the benefits of a printed document without any of the expense and overhead of printing and distribution. And it couldn’t be any easier to accomplish. Here’s all you do.

  • Prepare your content as you normally would using the application of your choice.
  • Use our publication wizard to upload your document(PDF, DOC etc..)
  • Your document is instantly transformed into a Digital Web publication.
  • Use the links or html code generated to embed and share your new Digital Web Edition into your website pages, blog or anywhere else you like.


I want to convert my pdf into an E-Book

CreateMagazines, offers E-Book creation/conversion from virtually any file format or even from hard copies of your book, document, manuscript, reports, cases studies etc.. Here’s all you do.

  • Prepare your content as you normally would using the application of your choice.
  • Use our E-Book Quote request form to upload your document(PDF, DOC. rtf, txt, html etc..)
  • We review your document and send a quote.
  • On quote approval our specialized team of e-book coders hand codes your e-book in any or all e-book formats requested.
  • Our team would send you the e-book for viewing and approval. At the same time this e-book is sent to our Q&A team for testing and approval.
  • We would make all corrections / changes as per your and our Q&A teams advice
  • You receive final version of your e-book ready to be sold on all popular stores like Amazon’s Kindle e-bookstore, Apple’s iBookstore, Barnes & Nobles etc..

On top of this we will publish a Digital Web Edition of your publication completely FREE or cost and host it for one full year.

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I want to sell my digital publication or eBook

An attractive website can do the work of a sales agent in the online world. However, writing your own sales page or building a website from scratch can be pretty stressful and time-consuming for a creative writer. Leave experts handle these key aspects of your eBook selling process!

The MiniSite Creation service provided by CreateMagazines is basically everything you need to launch and sell your eBook online.Here’s all you do.

  • Prepare your content / manuscript as you normally would using the application of your choice.
  • Use our publication wizard to upload your document(PDF, DOC etc..)
  • You pay a onetime charge of USD750
  • Our specialized team of Web Designers would create sample designs for your Sales Page / MiniSite and send as images to you for approval
  • Based on the approved design we would create your Sales Page MiniSite which would have options to preview some of the content from your publication, a Contact Form for your readers to contact you, and eCommerce functionality to allow readers buy your publication in any or all requested formats.
  • We would Search Engine Optimize (SEO) your minisite and also submit it to several popular search engines, social networks etc.
Additionally, we will convert your publication into an eBook and web publication, give you free Ad credits and promote in several ways.

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Services offered :

We have everything covered under one roof. Find solutions to all your digital publishing needs here.

Digital Publishing

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E-Book Conversion

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MiniSite Creation

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