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The internet has revolutionized many industries like music, television, telephone etc and now its the print media which will be joining the same with the Digital publications. The Page flip effect reefers to the effect of turning pages of a digital document as if it was a physical document. The advantage of having a flip page document is that it provides the users with the unique experience of reading an actual printed book or a magazine.

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The illusion of having a tangible document on the screen of your computer is made more powerful by adding the page flip effect to the document as it imitates the natural way of browsing an actual printed document, but at the same time it also offers users the advantages of searching through a document, navigating to another website through external links.

CreateMagazines offers you a unique flip book converter which can easily transform any document format into a realistic yet interactive digital flip book. These digital flip page documents are compatible with all operating systems and can be viewed in any type of a web browser.

Converting your documents into flip page documents facilitates easy distribution of your documents through internet. It also makes your documents more secured as these documents cannot be copied or edited. So your entire content is secured form being edited and used by someone.

CreateMagazines not only provides you with the conversion facility but it also offers many other feature through which your Digital publications can be made more interesting for your viewers to read. You can add audio-video related to the content in any pages of your publications. You can also have a customized viewer interface to match with your requirements. You can directly send all your digital documents to all your friends and colleges with the share option available in the viewer. You can also bookmark any of your publications on any of the social networking websites.

Besides sharing and making your publications more interactive CreateMagazines also provides you with the facility of tracking your readers by providing you with the Google analytic tool. You can easily use your own google analytics account to track all your visitors. Many more interesting features are available with us which can be very helpful in setting you apart form the crowd and giving you the extra cutting edge of digital documentation.

Be ahead of the Competition by digitalizing your documents with the unique flip page technology at CreateMagazines. Its easy to use graphical user interface provides you with an entirely automated document conversion service. So even it you are not an IT professional you can still present all your documents in a high-tech way by utilizing CreateMagazines flip page digital documentation service.

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