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Power Point to PDF Converter

CreateMagazines is the complete solution for converting your powerpoint presentations into the worlds’ favorite pdf file format effortlessly. Your only choice for fast, easy and accurate conversion of your PowerPoint presentations into pdf format.

CreateMagazines is a web based converter which not only converts your files but also provides you with the most secured and interactive flash publications for your power point presentations. You can view these publications directly in your web browsers without depending on any other viewing softwares like MS office.

Sharing your power point presentations with your friends require attaching them to your emails which becomes difficult if you have a large file. We have a swift solution for this problem. CreateMagazines provides you with the option of sharing your flash files with the share option in the viewer or you can just bookmark your flash publication on the social networking sites. Your friends are able to view your publications and at the same time they can download the pdf version of your presentation.

Besides the above you also get various other features to improve your flash publications like adding your personalized background image, your own logo, audio or video to your pages and may more.

So you just don’t convert your lively power point presentation into a static pdf but you enhance it with the flash publication only at CreateMagazines.

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To start with the conversion process you need to get in touch with us using our contact us form or you can call us at +1 845 600 3287 (US) or +91 731 2563558 (IN) and let us know about your conversion requirements. We will provide you with a swift solution to all your conversion related queries.

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