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Publish in Amazon’s Kindle Book Store

Do you want to get your digital books made available to more than 500,000 kindle users around the world? If yes then come along!

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Kindle is the new wireless e-book reading device designed by that allows its readers to download e-books directly to their kindle device. In a very short span of time Kindle has become the most popular outlet for e-books. It is a thin hand held device which is lighter than any paper back book and provides a very high resolution screen that looks similar to a page of a book. It is much easier on the eyes than a normal desktop screen and a wireless connection allows downloading of e-books which can easily be viewed later.

Our Conversion Service

We can take your e-books, manuscripts or any digital documents and can convert it into .awz file format compatible for the Kindle device. After the conversion we will upload it to the Kindle Store. Your e-book is available for sale on Kindle book store within 72 hours.

Uploading an e-book to kindle store has certain limitations. It requires special formatting to e-books to match the standards defined by Kindle is merely a text reading device, so certain special formatting that goes into standard e-books does not always display correctly on kindle. So certain images, logos, graphs, charts, special fonts etc need to be changed or eliminated before it can be displayed on kindle. This calls for our professional help in formatting your work so that it displays properly on Kindle.

We have made the Kindle conversion as well as uploading to kindle store easy and painless for you. All you need to do is just send us your manuscripts or digital files through e-mail and we will send you a quote based on the files received. We will offer you a single price for the entire conversion and upload. There will be no hidden costs for our conversion service.

To get your books converted to a kindle format you need to own the copyrights for that book. To convert books that are no longer under the copyright protection, you need to provide us the detail regarding the same before getting your books converted. You will need to sign our kindle conversion contract and will have to guarantee that you own the copyrights to the book.

Just get in touch with us

To start with the conversion process you need to get in touch with us using our contact us form or you can call us at +1 845 600 3287 (US) or +91 731 2563558 (IN) and let us know about your conversion requirements. We will provide you with a swift solution to all your conversion related queries.
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