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Are you dealing with several publications from multiple clients? Here is an opportunity for you to easily manage all of your client publications under your own Brand Name.

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CreateMagazines is a turnkey Digital Publishing Automation and Distribution platform. By becoming our reseller you can offer full range of features and more to your clients. Our resellership offer not only allows you to publish unlimited publications but it allows you to do all of that under your own Brand Name. We provide a completely white label frontend with your or your clients logo on the viewer that shows up to your clients/readers including your own white labeled URL. So to your clients or their readers we would remain completely invisible but still provide all the technical support that you need for publishing their publications like magazines, ebooks, brochure, catalog, reports, etc. This makes you completely in charge and you are free to charge your clients according to your needs.

Build your own digital self publishing business with CreateMagazines today!

By becoming partnering with us you can create deeper relationships with your clients by offering them state of the art publications and earn a handsome profit doing that. CreateMagazines gives you powerful tools that automate EVERY aspect of your online publishing business some of which are mentioned below:


Publish and convert unlimited number of your clients’ documents into browser friendly digital publications.


Get a custom branded viewing experience.


Customize and brand viewer with your own logo.


Set your own charges.


Use your own domain or subdomain URL (e.g. or do deliver publications of your clients with a simple DNS change.


Publish, share and distribute your clients publications easily using inbuilt sharing tools to numerous social bookmarking and networking sites like twitter, facebook, digg etc.

Who can become a reseller?

If you think your business and CreateMagazines would benefit from a partnership, then please get in touch with us through our contact us form. The following type of businesses can benefit well by becoming a partner:


Ad agencies

They can provide their clients with an online copy of the brochures or catalog along with the printed one. They can also Integrate the Tv ads in the online brochures to make it lively and easy to circulate.


Print Shops

They can sell an online subscription along with the physical copies of any publication. It will increase their market reach.


Conference and event makers

They can provide their client with flip page web album for the events.



They can easily publish their articles and sell them through CreateMagazines.


Media and publishing companies

They can offer their online subscriptions for their publications along with the existing print subscriptions.

There are many other businesses which can easily benefit by becoming partnering with CreateMagazines.


Pricing details to come here.

How does it works?

It is extremely easy to become a reseller. Simply sign up for a reseller account by clicking here. After successfully signing up login to your control panel and start uploading your documents.

CreateMagazines is equally suited to both small scale and large scale operations. So whether it’s a local community newsletter, or a magazine with an international readership an online protfolio, or a professional brochure, CreateMagazines is the perfect application for your needs.

Just get in touch with us

If you have any questions or you are looking for a solution to your specific needs, kindly submit your contact details using our Contact Us page and we will get in touch within 24 hours after we receive your message.

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