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HTML5 viewer

HTML5 is the latest open standard web technology that supports for developing more intuitive web applications. It is the revised version of existing HTML and comprises of most of the latest programming tools embedded within it.
Thus it provides us a wide scope for creating much effective web applications, in terms of : design, layout, audio-visuals, animations, graphics and accessibility.

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This new technology have encouraged us to produce a new digital publishing platform with much effective and lucrative application, which not only adds additional features to publications but also induces possibilities of Demand Based Customization. Our HTML5 based Flip Book Viewer offers publication to look more engrossing under its interface having stunning visual qualities and better control options.

Platform Independent

HTML5 Viewer is a Cross Platform Compatible application. It works with full functionality across various devices – PCs, Tablets, Smartphones of different platforms – Windows, Mac, iOS and Android with web support. Even excitingly, the viewer can adjust its view automatically according to the display size of device, on which it is being viewed.

Thus publications with HTML5 viewer can easily approach a large number of possible viewer or readers, no matter what kind of devices or platform they use.


HTML5 viewer looks stunning as it supports High quality graphics, that enhances the view of publications fantastically that captivates the viewers.

Control and Navigation

Controlling publication and its content is engrossing now, with:


Slide and Flip options for turning publication pages.


Slide view for page thumbnails.


Search, Print, Download and Full screen.


Sharp zoom-in with auto scroll feature.


Navigation controls with “HOME” button to visit cover page of publication immediately.

Rich Media

HTML5 viewer also supports for integrating rich audio-visuals, high quality graphics, animations and effects into publication to bring them more live and impressive. This gives an opportunity to publishers for embedding audio-visual advertisements into publications.


HotSpots, are the clickable areas within the publication, upon clicking which directs the viewer to other web resources – internally within the publication contents itself – or – externally to any web URL relevant to same publication or publisher’s site. Hotspots are useful for advertisements placed within the publication, for linking them with relevant company or business site. With this unique feature, publishers can attract more advertisers, for publications like Magazines, Journals, Newspapers and Brochures.


With HTML5 viewer publications can be integrated with popular social networking sites through “Share” and “bookmark” options. This options can be embedded into the viewer to enable publication’s readers to share publication or its contents they like through Social networking sites, blogs and emails like, Facebook, Twitter, google+ and more. This gives publication a widespread exposure to potential marketplaces, and helps in promoting them to a wider audience.

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