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Presenting CreateMagazines, the electronic publishing solution that takes any document and converts it into an electronic ‘chapter book’. Your reader sees a familiar page layout that they already understand. They can electronically flip through each page, back and forth, just as if they were reading a printed book or magazine. You get ALL of the benefits of a printed document without any of the expense and overhead of printing and distribution. And it couldn’t be any easier to accomplish.

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Here’s all you do.

  • Prepare your content as you normally would using the application of your choice.
  • Log into your CreateMagazines control panel and upload your file.
  • Use the publication wizard to quickly and easily select your settings including page width and height (in inches or pixels), page flipping speed, image quality and other settings that affect the presentation and quality of your document.
  • Submit and save your changes and you are done!

Create Magazines is an essential tool for


Online Newspapers & Magazines






Annual Reports


Case Studies


Photo Albums


Article Publishers


White Papers


E-Learning Products


Product Catalogs

The Internet Browser Is Hurting your Business.

Here’s Why?

The Internet has revolutionized the publishing industry. Now you can go from the printed word to mass publication in minutes instead of days or weeks. And while thats good news for your budget and production timelines, its actually bad news for the people who read your documents and publications.

The Way You Present Your Content Is Chasing Away Readers

A persons eyes and brain work together to process information. The more information that eye sees at a time, the harder it is for the brain to process it all.

Free Account

  • 1 FREE publication completely free of charge. Meaning you can publish multiple times but can only have 1 publication at any time. To have a new publication you will need to delete the existing publication if you had published before.
  • Unlimited readers
  • 25MB Web Storage
  • Deeplinking to publication pages
  • Statistics and Google Analytics
  • You do not get access to some advanced features such as adding internal or external hotspots, or video etc..

PRO Account

  • Unlimited publications with all the features.
  • On subscribing, you get:

  • Unlimited publications
  • Unlimited readers
  • 1 GB Web Storage. $1 per GB/month for additional storage.
  • Embedd Hot links
  • Deeplinking to publication pages.
  • Statistics and Google Analytics
  • Embedd Video Spots in your publication.
  • Access to all CreateMagazines features.

Managed Publishing

  • Single publication with all the features.
  • Under this plan our staff takes care of publishing your Flip Book publication and one time setup fees of $5 per book.
  • Here is what is included as for a single publication :
  • Unlimited storage and readers for every publication.
  • 20 Hotspots ( Internal or External).
  • 1 video (upto 250MB in size).
  • Stats via Google Analytics.
  • Full sales and technical support.