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Digital Catalogs

Any companies around the world invest heavily in printing and distributing their product catalogs on a monthly or weekly basis. It accounts for a huge printing and distribution budgets. The entire process consumes lots of paper and energy resources. This can be easily reduced by adopting digital catalogs, a cheaper and eco-friendly way of publishing and distributing product catalogs.

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A digital catalog allows its readers to browse products with the familiar look and feel of your printed catalog and also provides him with a secured online purchase option.

A digital catalog provides its reader the facility to interact with the product which is not at all possible with a printed one. With the flexibility to zoom in and out, flip through pages and learn more about the product with various links a digital catalog is a superior way to educate people about your products.

A digital catalog is the best way to increase your ROI by decreasing your printing and distribution costs. It will help you to get more leads from interested customers as digital catalogs has a reporting feature which tracks the behavior of all the readers and provides you an opportunity to learn which products are more popular among your target audience.

Why CreateMagazines for digital catalogs?

The following are some interesting points about CreateMagazines digital catalog creation service:

User friendly interface:

We provide you with a very easy to use interface for viewing your catalogs.

Audio – video embedding:

You can easily embed audio or video related to your products to make your catalogs more interactive and interesting for your customers.

Interactive hyper-linking:

Provide internal or external links in your catalogs to make it easier for your customers to know more about your products. You can provide links to your website or can provide instant access making it convenient and secured for your customers to buy products online.

Easy to distribute:

We provide you with the facility to send all your catalogs directly from your account to all of the social networking websites or through e-mails to all of your customers.

Search Enabled:

Your digital catalogs are search optimized making it possible for your customers to search products in your catalogs.

Quick conversion:

CreateMagazines provides you with a very easy to use and fully automated conversion which easily converts any file format into a digital Catalog ina matter of seconds.

Low monthly charges:

We provide you with a very affordable monthly charges for unlimited digital catalogs. There is a fixed monthly subscription fee and no hidden charges for our services.

Easy maintenance:

CreateMagazines is a very low maintenance account. We take care of all the updates and perform all the maintenance for you making it maintenance free for you.

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