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Digital Documents

Creating and handling documents such as a word processing file, a spread sheet or a presentation is the most common task people do with a computer.

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All you need to have is an appropriate software program to create any of the above digital document. Since the advent of e-mails you can easily send a perfect copy of these documents anywhere in the world instantly. However there are risks that come with this ability and it is important to be aware of them.

Sending your documents through e-mail to a person has the risk of getting your documents manipulated or edited. Sending documents as a word file or a spreadsheet requires special softwares to view them and sometimes even though you have the software there is a compatibility problem. All these issues make it difficult for the other person to view your documents.

To protect digital documents from being edited the most common solution is to send al your documents in a PDF file format. This format protects your documents from being edited but still they require acrobat reader to view these files. Even with this format you have to depend on an additional software to view these files.

Now you can send all your documents to anyone without the worries of your documents being modified or the viewer depending on any additional software to view these files. . With CreateMagazines you can send all your documents in a flash format. Your documents are copy protected and you do not require any software to view them, All your digital documents will open directly in your web browser.

All you need to do is to upload any of your digital documents like word files, excel sheets, power point presentations or any other file format on CreateMagazines and it will automatically convert them into a flash document. Once converted into a flash format you can send these documents to any of the social networking websites through our share option or you can send them through e-mails. It also provides you with the facility of providing your viewers with a downloadable pdf file for offline viewing. In both the cases your documents are protected against any modifications.

There are many more features provided by CreateMagazines which can enhance your digital documents and can provide your readers with a more interactive reading experience. Your digital documents can be read online by flipping through the pages and can be easily embedded on your own websites or blog pages. It is an eco- friendly way of sending your documents around the globe. Choose CreateMagazines, the most affordable digital publishing service providers for all your digital document.

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