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Digital Editions

A digital edition is an online version of your physical print publications or sometimes they are specially designed publications to be specifically viewed in a digital format. With the ever increasing print publications and postage costs. A digital edition is quickly gaining popularity among the publishers. Even a large group of reader audience are looking for their content on the internet a digital edition becomes a necessity for all Publications. A digital edition is very easy to publish and is inexpensive compared to the print editions.

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There are a number of options available in the market for publishers to choose from. Some digital publishers provide with the option of personalized conversion services. These are high value services as they only require a pdf file from he publishers along with a detailed instructions related to the final product. They create the digital editions from the pdf received and provide the publishers with a high quality product which can be offered to the readers. But this kind of a service is suitable only for a company with a huge budget and no time to invest in creating a digital edition on their own. A small publication cannot afford to have such a huge budget for a digital edition.

Then there are few service providers who offer digital conversion softwares. There provide these softwares at a very inexpensive price but do not offer many options. Their are some service providers who offer publishers to place their publications on their websites. It can be a very good option for publishers who do not have any security issues and only want to have a basic digital edition.

CreateMagazines is a digital edition solution that tries to capture the needs of all publishers for creating a digital edition of their print publications with many interactive features at a very affordable cost. We provide publishers with a highly intuitive self serve model through which they can create digital editions in just a few minutes. They can Customize their own viewers, add links , adios, videos to their publication pages. It also provides them with online reports to track readers activity providing publishers with the information about the effectiveness of their digital content.

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