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Digital Magazines

Everybody likes to flip through a glossy, interesting magazine while waiting for our turn at a clinic or at an airport lounge or even while having coffee alone in the evening. Magazines have always been a very good friend for all of us when we need to spend some time alone. Although with the ever increasing prices of the print editions have really made it difficult for many magazines to survive in the market. This really has provoked many publishers to find alternative sources to circulate their magazines.

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The increasing internet usage around the world has provided a leading edge to the digital magazines. Today many of our favorite magazines are available as digital magazines.

These digital magazines have entirely changed the reading experience provided by a traditional magazine. Digital magazine features rich media such as interactive content, music, interviews, movie clips and TV commercials. All these features make a digital magazine interesting to read and at the same time they are easily available at any time.

Digital magazines have a traditional print layout which is rich in graphics, photography and font selection. It distinguishes the digital magazine from a simple web page. A digital magazine takes the best from both the print and web world by presenting a unique combination of the two.

The beauty of a digital magazine lies in the fact that it has many benefits over a traditional print magazine. Some of these are listed below:



An online digital magazine remains available as long as the publisher allows. Similarly an advertisers message remains available for a longer time then it would be in print edition. Keeping back issues available online makes the audience for a given issue to continuously grow over time.


Environment friendly

Digital magazines are made electronically and require no paper or ink making it 100% eco-friendly. Where as producing a print magazine consumes tons of paper and distributing these magazines also adds to the environmental burden.



Digital magazines provide with links to your website or other pages for instant access or ordering. It can enhance your message with animation or video for heightened impact. It contains interviews and TV commercials making it more interesting to read.


Search engine friendly

Digital magazines can be indexed by leading search engines, providing yet another way of drawing more readers to your content. Reading searching for a specific information can arrive to a digital magazine page as easily as they may at a website page.



Digital magazines are very economical as compared to print editions. Once created they can have unlimited copies but a print edition is charged per copy created in addition to their transportation and eventual disposal.



Digital magazines are adoptive as they can accommodate the latest in consumer electronics preferences like iPad, Kindle, sony readers etc. They are offered as online editions or can be downloaded for offline reading. Digital magazines can easily be archived and can be retrieved for future reference.



Digital magazines deliver information much faster then any print publication. Many people search for online publications, news portals or websites precisely because they bring current news to light faster than most print publications.

As a result digital magazines are less expensive, provide a wider reach and help improve ROI. Digital magazines are free form any import or export duties and can be easily delivered to any reader present any were in the world. Still many people think that some print publications are still a wondrous experience to page through but when you need to get the attention of modern readers, digital magazines must become a keystone in your promotional strategy.

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