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Fully automated system

(Online conversion of your print ready publications/ brochures into digital documents ready for online distribution)
Createagazines provides a fully automated system with a single interface. File conversion system is completely automated so that users don’t have to do anything on their machines. All the tools are available in the control panel and everything can be achieved through it like customization of publication interface, adding hotspots, adding audio and video clips etc. All the features of the publications are customizable according to the publisher and input is automatically processed into the final output.

Input file formats.

CreateMagazines supports several file formats for publishing. These file formats include PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, ODT, RTF, TXT, HTML etc. Additionally, we also provide a manual option for anyone interested in publishing using any other file format not currently support by our system. Simply send in your files to our support section and they will set it up for you.

Customizable interface


Page Width

Width of a page in the publication can be specified in inches or pixels. Like 8.5 inches for A4 size page.


Always Opened

It specifies the first appearance of the book. If this is set true, the book will always be opened. If set false then the front and rear cover pages can be seen and you can open and close your book yourself.


Move Speed

The page moving speed during flipping is called as MOVE SPEED. Higher the value, higher the speed and lower the page moving smoothness. The default value is 2.


Shadows Depth

It defines the shadow depths in pages. If set to 0, no shadows appear.


JPEG Quality

It controls the jpeg quality of the final output magazine pages. Higher value means better jpeg quality, lower value means lower quality but would also lead to smaller file sizes. Default is 85%.


Page Height

Height of a page in the publication can be specified in inches or pixels. Like 11 inches for A4 size page.


Auto Flip

This parameter if set to one decides the area near the book edges for automatic flip starting upon bringing the mouse pointer to that area. If it is set to 0, then this effect is disabled.


Close Speed

It sets the relative page moving speed during closing.


Page Background Color

This parameter defines the page background color. The color selected is displayed on loading pages and used as color for empty pages.


Flip sound

It defines the sound to be heard on the turning or flipping of a page.


First Page

The page number from which the publication starts can be mentioned.


Flip on Click

This parameter determines whether mouse clicking a page will start flipping. If set to False, flipping will not start. If set true then it decides if flipping will start on clicking a page. If set to false, flipping will not start.


Go to Page Speed

This parameter sets the relative page moving speed.


Cache Pages

It defines the page caching necessity. If true then, all the pages are saved in the software cache and not reloaded on next demand. If False then, pages are reloaded on every demand.

Create and manage multiple publications

Publishers can create and manage multiple publications at the same time. One can use the free demo and then go for a one-month sign up or create multiple publications that can be handled through the same control panel.


Zoom control

Publisher can control the zoom level according to his preference. When a publication is being read, a default level of zoom is possible, which can be defined by the publisher. The default value can be fixed for zoom when the user clicks on a particular line or area.


Hotspots are clickable areas that can be used as an advertisement or for the purpose of internal and external linking. This click sensitive area can be used to direct the end user to a specific page in the same publication through internal linking. Or users can be linked to an external website or web page related to the publication or the publisher or to any other source.

Any payment feature

The payment can be made through the following methods-

  • Credit card
  • Paypal

Table of content

When you publish a publication CreateMagazines automatically provides you with a designed table of content. Publishers can just mention the headings and all extra effort to make a TOC is saved. This table of content has some important characteristics like linking and indexing. Through internal linking users can save time and proper indexing makes the publication easily accessible and searchable.Read more

The users can select the pages of there choice to be included in TOC, these pages can be described in this table itself. For more interactive look and feel of your publications CreateMagazines also provides you with thumbnails in the index itself. Hence this TOC makes your digital documents more interactive and informative.

Earn from your publications / Sell Publications

This is a special feature provided in CreateMagazine interface which allows the publisher to offer their publications for sale on subscription basis if one wants to sell publications. All you need is a PayPal account that needs to be saved in your profile. With this option activated the selected publication would only be available to users after they actually pay for it through their control panel. Read more

Additionally, we also provide an option for every publisher to setup their own customized Sales page which would feature their chosen publications with a thumbnail view and a Buy now link for your viewers. Additionally, it has the option to add your own html supported text.

Ability to disable certain feature

CreateMagazines allows publisher to disable some of the options according to his preferences. If publisher disables once any option then that option would be unavailable to the end users. This feature gives freedom to the publisher to fully control and customize the features available in the interface of his publications.

News RSS feed

Tell your viewers when you publish something new or a new issue of your publication is published. Automatically notifying your readers helps in building your userbase over time and getting more and more popularity. With CreateMagazines your news rss feeds are generated automatically.

Google Analytics

Learn more about your users / viewers using exhaustive Google Analytics reports. You can use your own Google Analytics account to do this tracking and embedding your tracking code is very simple. This new exciting update means you are able to get exhaustive reports on your viewers, demographics and their browsing habits to fine tune your marketing efforts.

Mini Mag view

Mini mag view allows you to display and embed your publications in a small thumbnail view with actual page flip animation. It takes very little amount of space so you can easily use the embed code to showcase your publications even on your important pages where it is not possible to show the full publication. Read more

With page flipping animation your publication view grabs website visitors attention and can be clicked by the visitors to launch the full publication. Please visit demo publications page to see mini mags demo.

Downloadable Flip books

We offer a unique service of downloading the flip books.You may have a lot of potential customers that do not have direct access to your flip books. Now you can approach them with CD/DVD’s of your flip books.

Audio-visual Advertisements

Publishers can use their publications as attractive advertisement tools through CreateMagazines control panel. This advertisement utility allows adding rich media content such as video, audio and also images. You can make more effective advertisements to link to your advertisers page through “HOTSPOTS”.

Seamlessly integrate publications in your current website

After you have successfully created your digital document you can go ahead and publish your digital document on the web. We provide you with the following options using which you can easily make your digital documents available to your end users or website visitors. Read more

You can choose from the following available options:

  • Publish using link generated by our system.
  • Publish using html code to further customize the look and feel.
  • Publish using our encrypted viewer.

Once the publication is published the publisher can embed the link or the HTML code on to his website. The documents will be hosted on our web server in the form of a publication. The publisher can display the publication on his own website with the help of a flash viewer that loads the content from our web server. Also the publisher may direct end users to the publications on CreateMagazines by providing the link.

Encrypted viewers

To ensure that your digital documents are available only to your authenticated users we have implemented several security measures:

  • Our front-end flash interface is encrypted and can’t be decompiled.
  • Your content location is not hardcoded in the viewer but rather passed programmatically while viewing.
  • Our servers are secured using 128-bit encryption.

Read more

In CreateMagazines the viewers are encrypted to the publication source. The loader loads the content but tracking of the path cannot be done. Hence the publisher’s source is safe and cannot be downloaded.


Create magazines create such automatic outputs that they don’t need to be formatted before printing. All the brochures, magazines, catalogs etc. created by create magazines are totally print ready documents.


Ability to edit publication in future

CreateMagazines enables the publisher to manage multiple publications and also to edit them in future. Publishers can set or reset some parameters, add or delete pages or even they can edit or add new advertisements. This feature makes digital publication more flexible for the publishers.

Social networks integration

Spread your publications across the web by making it easy for visitors to bookmark and share content to their favorite social destinations like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Reddit etc. This helps publishers get significant exposure to their publications.

Advanced viewer with an intuitive and easy to use interface.

Our front-end interface includes several features including Page back, Go To page, Notes, Bookmark; Linking etc. these features enhance the navigation and user friendliness of our interface.

No extra hardware requirements.

CreateMagazines publications work with the most basic configuration. Our suggested configuration is

  • Ideal screen resolution- 1024* 768
  • Ram 128Mb or above

Features for End Users

Optimized magazine file sizes for easy access.

CreateMagazines interface is optimized for all types of browsers. The pages designed to maintain a balance between quality and size. Publisher control panel provides full control over the quality of the publications that you publish.


Cross platform compatibility.

CreateMagazine provides cross platform compatibility to the users i.e. one document will be same in all types of browsers and operating systems supporting flash player 8 or above. This feature enables the publisher to provide the same look and feel of the magazine to all the end users.


Point zooming

This feature allows end users to zoom on a specific location/point on the page. It helps them to navigate through the document properly.


All magazines contains bookmarking. These bookmarks actually work as bookmarks listed to go to a specific page marked by the user.


Search ready magazines.

Magazines created by CreateMagazines are searching friendly. If your content is in the form of a PDF document then this search is applied. However if your content is in bitmaps format or it contains only images then search does not imply.

Social bookmarking

All publications have the option for social bookmarking. Your viewers can add your publications directly to their social bookmarks from the publication itself.

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