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Publishing for iPhone/ iPod Touch

The iPhone iPod Touch and iPad have revolutionized the publishing industry. The compact size of these mobile devices, combined with their rich interactive capabilities and rapidly growing user base makes them an ideal platform to publish books. But there will always be the budding author, whether it be for a novel, how-to manual or collection of poetry — sometimes the barrier of getting published it not in the quality of your work, but in the lack of connections. That said, its always nice to have options to self publish, of which there are more than a few available.

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Self Publishing can often be expensive and frustrating. Writters have to pay a huge amount to the publishing house for just a few dozens of copies and have to wait for months to see those copies on book shelves of the stores.

However if you opt CreateMagazines for publishing, then we will take the hassel out of publishing by making your books available to all the world wide audience through iPhone/ iPod Touch and several other mobile and eBook reader devices. It will help new authors in getting their books published easily and wothout geting themselves involved in the tedious process of traditional publishing.

CreateMagazines Publishing service aims to provide a turnkey service to independent authors looking for innovative ways to get published. We want to provide a launch-pad for all writers who have something to give to this world, but often get lost and demoralized in the complicated and often condescending world of traditional publishing. The iPhone and iPad have given us a chance to do exactly that.

At CreateMagazines we also provides additional proofreading and editing services to our customers, along with a basic book website package for marketing the e-book.To know more about our charges and comission please send us a copy of your book in any format through our Request a quote form and we will send you a detailed quote having all the charges and comissions. You can also give us a call at +213-985-1857 and we will provide you with al the details required for publishing on iPhone/ iPod Touch.

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