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Printed books to Kindle conversion service

CreateMagazines provides you with the service of Printed books to Kindle conversion. With the with change in the technology many reader now prefer to read books digitally on reading devices like Kindle, Sony readers, iPad etc rather than reading physical books. It provides them freedom from caring heavy books and can own a number of e-books in a small reading device. Get Started

Printed books to Kindle conversion

Many of the old books were created using methods of type setting or with the help of a type writer. It becomes really very difficult to convert these old fashioned books into a kindle format as no electronic file format like PDF or word is available for them. The process to convert these old fashioned books into a kindle format requires a special process. It also requires excellent knowledge and great attention to details while converting physical books into kindle file format. Many of the institutes, libraries and publishers have already started converting their old books into kindle file formats. But still many are not able to convert them in to kindle format due to lack of knowledge or resources.

To convert your hard copy books into a kindle file format we follow the following process

Provide all the details like no. of pages, size of pages, text type, text in one or two columns, pictures, graphs etc for the book you want to get converted into kindle format.
If you accept the proposal send us the conversion fee and the book along with your acceptance of proposal e-mail.
If there any corrections or changes the client sends a list of all the changes in a single e-mail.
According to the details provided we will send you a proposal with details of conversion charges, lead time for conversion and restriction to conversion if any.
The book is converted into a kindle form and a review copy is sent to the client.
After the correction are done we finalize the conversion and send the final copy to the client which can be downloaded into the kindle device.

CreateMagazines is a solution which can convert all your physical books into a kindle file format. Making all your classic novels and books available into a kindle file format through conversion process.

“We specialize in converting hard copy books into a kindle file format and have all the resources required to convert voluminous books into a kindle file format.”

We also provide conversion of physical books into a word format before converting it into a kindle file format so that if the authors or publishers want to edit any of the contents they can easily do all the alterations. After the editing is finalized we convert these files into a kindle format.

Conversion of physical books into a kindle format is done only for authors, publishers or individuals who have the permission and rights for recreating that book in a kindle format. If you want to convert a book that is no longer copyright protected then please provide the details along with your acceptance email.

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If you have any old book or a manuscript u want to get converted or you require a quotation for the conversion of such hard copies then just send us the details like no. Of pages, page size, type of formatting, images, tables, graphs, text in one column or two columns etc using our Request a Quote form or u can call us at +1 845 600 3287 (US) or +91 731 2563558 (IN) and provide us the above details. We will send u a quotation based on the details provided.

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