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HTML to Mobipocket Conversion

HTML documents have lots of images and special formatting for text. To convert these files into a kindle format is a difficult task for a non professionals. The output of such a conversion will is a poor quality file missing some of the fine details contained in the original document. It requires a lot of skills and resources to generate a replica of an HTML file in Kindle format.

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CreateMagazines team of professionals posses all the expertise required for the file conversion. They can provide you with a high quality converted file having all the fine details as present in the original document. We just don’t convert documents but we provide high quality service to our clients by fully satisfying their every conversion requirement.

To provide you with the best conversion service we apply the following procedure

Client sends us a copy of the HTML file he wants to get converted.

Client sends us an approval along with the conversion requirements and the conversion fee as mentioned in the proposal.

If the client wants some more improvements, they can send an e-mail stating all the desired improvements.

We review the file and according to the content we provide him with a proposal for the conversion.

We convert the file as per the clients requirements and send a review copy to the client.

We finalize the conversion and send the converted file to the client which can be downloaded on his kindle device.

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Please feel Free to get in in touch with us regarding any conversion queries through our Contact us page. If you want to get a free quote, please use our Request a Quote form. You can also call us at +1 845 600 3287 (US) or +91 731 2563558 (IN) and discuss any of your conversion requirements. We will be pleased to provide you with a prompt solution.

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