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PDF to Mobipocket Conversion

PDF file is the most secured file format used by everyone to send documents through the Internet. Most of the e-books are published in PDF file formats. But PDF files cannot be viewed directly on the Mobipocket readers. They need to be converted into the Mobipocket file format so that they can be viewed easily on Mobipocket Readers.

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Converting a PDF file is easy but sometimes it is very difficult. It all depends on the PDF document, if it has only text then it is very easy to convert it into a Mobipocket format. But if a PDF file has special text formating along with images and graphs then it becomes difficult to preserve all the images and special formatting in the converted files. It requires a skilled professional to convert PDF files into Mobipocket files being exact replica of the original PDF files.

At CreateMagazines we have all the resources and skilled professionals who can convert any complex PDF file into a Mobipocket file format. The final result is a high quality file having all the fine details of the original document.

Our Conversion process involves the following few steps

Client sends us the final PDF files to be converted through our Request a Quote form.

Our professional team studies the PDF files received and based on the details and formatting, they send a quote to the client having the conversion charges mentioned and restrictions in conversion, if any.

After receiving an acceptance to the quote from the client along with the conversion fee we start with the conversion process.

The client is sent a review copy to approve. In case the client wants some corrections our team ensures that the needful is done as soon as possible to the satisfaction of the client.

We convert the PDF books only for authors, publishers or anybody who has the copyright of the books. If the book is no longer copyright protected, then please provide us the details on it.

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If you have any question related to our conversion service please feel free to contact us through our contact us page. You can also give us a call at +1 845 600 3287 (US) or +91 731 2563558 (IN). Your conversion solution is just a phone call away!

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