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Printed Books to Mobipocket Conversion

CreateMagazines provides you with the service of converted your physical books into Mobipocket e-books which can be easily read on a PDA, blackberry or a Mobipocket e-book reader. We have made it possible for you to own all your favorite books in the e-Book format and can carry them where ever you go without worrying about the extra load. This service provides you freedom from carrying heavy books.

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To convert physical books into a Mobipocket format requires to generate a digital copy of the printed book. Many of the old books were created using type setting and do not have a digital copy of any sort. So these type of books need to be scanned first. After the scanning process they are forwarded for the Optical Character Recognition process. The OCR process is a complicated procedure and requires a careful observation. After the OCR process is completed, a Word file is generated for the book.

This is a digital copy of the book which is sent to the client for editing if needed. The client can add a few pages or can delete some depending on the clients requirements. Once the final word file is received we convert it into a Mobipocket format and once again a review copy is sent to the client for final review.

In case the client wants some sort of corrections to be made, our team will ensure that the needful is done as early as possible to the full satisfaction of the client. Once the File is finalized we send it to the client who can download the Mobipocket file in their account or on their device.

To get your physical books converted into a Mobipocket e-book, just send us the following details of the book you want to convert

Total number of pages.

Number of images in file.

Does the book have content in one column or it has multiple column contents?

Size of the page.

Number of graphs, tables, charts etc.

Does the book have any special formatting like bullets, special characters, special fonts etc.

We convert hard copy, novels, printed manuscript to Mobipocket e-book only for individuals, authors, publishers or whoever has the copyright of the books. If the book is no longer copyright protected, then.

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Based on the above details we will send you a detailed quote for the conversion process. If you have any queries related to the conversion service please feel free to contact us using our contact us form. You can call us at +1 845 600 3287 (US) or +91 731 2563558 (IN) and have your queries resolved over the phone.

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