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eBook Distribution (Author Site)

Dear Author,

  • Just finished writing your Book?
  • Want to monetize from the digital copies of your book popularly known as eBooks?
  • Inspite of excellent content not getting enough Sales?
  • Want to promote your eBook to worldwide audience?
  • Don’t have a clue of where and how to start promoting your eBook?

If your answer is YES to any of the above questions then stop worrying right away. You are at right place and are among few fortunate authors who now have the chance to change this current situation.

Some of the prominent reasons behind poor sales of your ebook(s) are


Targeting inappropriate customers

You might be approaching the customers who are in something you are not offering.This might be a reason for the less of your eBook.


Poor Reach to various reading devices

Limited reach to various reading devices like Ipad, Kindle, Nook and other PC applications. You may be providing ebooks in format that work only on Kindle or only on Ipad. This limits the number of devices on which your book can be read resulting into reduced sales.


Limited number of file formats

Various reading devices require different file formats such as MOBI, EPUB, Smashwords, FLIP BOOK, HTML etc. May be your ebook is compatible only in a particular reading device, and thus you may be missing out readers those who use some other reading device or PC application. This may be a reason for the ebook’s reduced sales.


Poor and unreliable promotion

The promotional strategies adopted by might not be suitable for your ebook sales or else the sources on which you were depending upon might be unreliable.


Limited Venues for sale

There exists a large number of ebook stores such as Kobobooks, Google ebook store, alibris, Chapters Indigo, Powell’s Books, Amazon Kindle Store, Barnes & Noble and many more where you can publicize your book. But because of poor marketing skills your ebook would be available only on one of these or only a few of these stores. Hence only exposing your ebook to fewer readers.


Relying only on to eBook stores for sales

You may have a lot of potential readers who may be quite comfortable in buying directly from you. This is a true world scenario where in these readers are either referred by an existing reader or these readers are your existing customers / readers from a previous book you have written. Selling directly to them means you are not sharing your revenues with anyone and keeping 100% of your profits. Selling from ebook stores is most certainly important to garner new readers but once you already have a reader base why not cash in on the same.

Ideal eBook success can be summarized in the following steps

Finalize the manuscript of your book. *(Your Job)*

Promotion of the Ebook. *(Our Job)*

Submission of the book to various Ebook stores. *(Our Job)*

Helping your book become a BESTSELLER. *(Our Job)*

Conversion of the hardcopy or softcopy of the book into various file formats such as Standard MOBI & EPUB, Fixed layout Epub & Mobi Formats, FLIP BOOK, HTML. For more information you may visit the following:
eBook conversion details *(Our Job)*

Out of the five steps mentioned above you need to do only one, the rest four are our responsibility.

So the day when you finish writing your book your work ends. You just have to submit your manuscript in any file format or even as a hardcopy, rest everything is taken care of by us.Right from the conversion of your book to digitized formats and the sales of your ebook is our responsibility.

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A small glimpse of our service can be seen by clicking on the image below…

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iBooks Author

Service Information

Nowadays ipad, kindle, etc, have captured the attention of readers. This has invited the attention of authors to digital versions of the books.

The Ebook Distribution Services offered by us is basically an online bookstore which proves to be an asset for the readers as well as for publishers or authors. Authors only have to submit books using our service and rest all i.e. advertising,sales, etc, is taken cared of automatically through the inbuilt system.

The first glance of the site exhibits the up-to-the- minute books published by the various authors, this in a way acts as a endorsement page for the books. The various hallmarks of this service include online reading, online purchasing, exposure to a gigantic library of worldwide books and many more at very affordable rates.

So how are we going to make this happen?

There is not one but several reasons as to what makes us well equipped to write success for your book:


Wide experience in conversions to virtually all ebook and other digital file formats out there.


Ability to cater to every platform out there. Be it a PC, tablet, mobile or ebook reader and that too in multiple ways in most cases.


Completely in-house process. We do not outsource and depend on other agencies for eBook conversions. This helps us keep the costs down and deliver fast.


Multiple tools for sales and distribution under our portfolio.

Why our service?


If you are a bibliophile


If you want your book to be the most preferred book among the readers


If you love reading digitized books


If you want a smooth digital conversion of your book


If you want access to a compendium of books anywhere and everywhere

The sole purpose of our service is promoting your ebook to a large portion of bookworms and gaining sky height sales.

When it comes to selling eBooks online, there is no place for mistakes, and there is only one chance to capture the visitors’ attention. An attractive website can do the work of a sales agent in the online world. However, writing your own sales page or building a website from scratch can be pretty stressful and time-consuming for a creative writer. Leave, experts handle these key aspects of your eBook selling process!

Stop wasting any more precious time!

This service has taken all your worries by providing a completely efficient and brand new website where you can publish your book and also invite other authors to publish their books.

The distinctive characteristics of this service are:

Ample opportunity for Advertising your eBook.

Online Reading.

Complete control of publisher over ebook sales.

Secure and reliable Promotion.

Online Purchasing of your eBook.

Complete freedom and full control over your business.

All you need to do is write your next blockbuster; the rest is already taken care of!

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For other services such as Flip book creation, ebook conversion services click the following button.

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