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CreateMagazines – A swift and powerful word to pdf conversion solution.

Converting a Microsoft word document to a pdf format gives you the ability to email documents to any one in a change-protected mode. Which means your content is protected form being edited by the receiver. Plus, converting documents from word to pdf allows you to prepare them for archiving.

CreateMagazines conversion service is quick and easy to use. It supports all the lateses versions of Microsoft word so you dont have to worry about the compatibility with CreateMagazines. It is a web based conversion service which is very userfriendly and besides converting your word documents into pdf format, it also pfovides you with a beautiful digital flip book from your word document.

It is a very interactive and lively digital flip book which can be easily viewed without any supporting software requirements. This additional feature from us enables you to transform your static word doucments into a lively flash flip book. You can read and turn pages as if you were reading a printed book. It really enhances your
reading experience. It makes your content transform into a more appealing digital presentation.

You can easily share your digital flash book with all your friends and collegues very easily. The share option in the CreateMagazines viewer enables you to send the flip book to any one with your very own personalized message with it. The content sent
through digital flip book is more secured then a pdf format as it is copy protected as well as non editable. So there is no possibility of Copying and editing of your digital content.

The viewer also provides you with the facility of easy printing of your publication pages. It also provides you with the download pdf option through which you can download the pdf format of your published content. While sharing your digital content you can disable these options if you dont want your viewers to get a hard
copy of your digital content.

CreateMagazines has recently launched its social bookmarking services which enables the users to share their publicaion links on all the social networking websites like Blogger, Twitter, My Space orkut etc. It also offers you many more interesting features by which you can make your digital publications more interactive.

The following are just a glimps of the features offered by CreateMagazines:

  • Fully automated system.
  • Cross platform and browser platform compatible so works everywhere.
  • Customizable front-end interface.
  • Social bookmarking for publication links.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • Search engine optimized publications.
  • Ability to deliver publications with our white labeled solution.

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